Barnacle Bill is nothing but the best for seafood lovers! Barnacle Bill is Australia’s cooked seafood specialist, capturing that tangy, unique flavour of fresh seafood, complemented by Barnacle Bill’s own tartare sauce.

Whatever your taste in seafood, Barnacle Bill has it in a variety of packs. From single serve packs to catering packs. Barnacle Bill is real value at prices you can afford to make it a regular treat!

Australia’s Mr Barnacle Bill, George Leonida with over 40 years of seafood experience, established the first Barnacle Bill outlet in 1970. The business has expanded all over South Australia including Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Pirie. The success of Barnacle Bill can be attributed to the high quality of seafood used. Whether takeaway or dine in, our seafood is available crumbed, battered or grilled. Each outlet is franchised, and both the Franchisor and Franchisees are proudly Australian.We are continually monitoring & developing our cooking procedures and the ingredients used to ensure the absolute quality in our restaurants.

George Leonida Australias Mr Barnacle Bill

We are proudly supported by these great local suppliers some of which have been with us over our entire 40 year journey

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